Western Kid Holiday Gift Guide - $100 or Less!

Posted by Amber Wighton on

I deem myself a very qualified gift guider because a.) I've been gifting for kids since 2009 and b.) I like useful gifts that empower kids so it's a win for parents also.  There is nothing I despise more than useless crap.  So I'll jump right in and let you know my top faves for 2018 which are Abby (9) and Beau (7) approved.

1.  Twisted X Kid Boots - Can you ever go wrong with an awesome pair of boots?  Twisted X never disappoints, with fun styles to choose from your child will go into 2019 with style.  Need a fun new tradition?  December 6th is St. Nicholas Day which is a traditional European holiday where children wake up to treats in their shoes.  Start the tradition in your household by setting out an old pair that will be taken away and replaced by a new pair with candy inside!

(also, I know the Hooey's are $119 but I couldn't not include them!)

2. Books - Books make us as parents feel good and if it's the right book, your child will be excited about this useful gift.  Check out some awesome options below:


3. Riding Reins that Support Rescues and Look Great!  These reins can be made in any color combo and can be all braided, or leather with braided accent.  The quality is awesome and you can match any of your child's existing tack or favorite team color!  Order ASAP because this amazing woman makes them herself by hand. (~$30)


4. Grooming - glitter anything. right!?  You and your child can have a blast decorating your horse or their hooves!  Shampoos can make an awesome stocking stuffer!

5. Games and Toys - Games and imaginative play are good for kids of all ages.  Take these sturdy toys to the jackpot to entertain your little cowboy or cowgirl and play this horse knowledge game by a cozy fire.  Little Buster Toys and Scleich are some of the most durable toys we have seen.

6.  Equestrian Bows by Ballerina Bows - these bows are so high quality and so affordable, it would be hard not to get one made especially for your cowgirl.  Simply let them know your colors and they make a masterpiece! ($28.99)

7. Tack - We couldn't do a gift guide without showing you a few of our own favorites under $100!  These would be great sitting next to a matching saddle under the tree from Santa :)  Shop our collections.

There are so many fun things you can do for your cowgirl or cowboy during the holidays!  Enjoy setting out stockings for your horses or make them some homemade treats with your kids (in your spare time haha!):

No Bake Homemade Horse Treats:

1. Core apple
2. Cover the inside of the apple in molasses
3. Shove the corrot inside the apple hole
4. Pour molasses into a large plastic bag and put in the apple with the carrot in the middle
5. Close the bag and shake very well
6. Wet hands slightly
7. Pull apple out of bag and feed to your horse.

We hope this helped spark some ideas or make it easier with a short consolidated list!  Happy shopping!

xoxo, Amber and Abby







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