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First, if you haven't taken the quiz make sure to do so here!

Mister and Miss SUNSHINE!

Your yellow cowboy or cowgirl can charm their way into getting anything and who desire your attention, affection, approval and appreciation above all!  It can be exhausting haha!  They talk non-stop during the lesson or to friends in the arena, will do anything to get the attention and the world revolves around them!  These are the FUN kids to be around and are almost always the life of the party!

If you're on the way to a rodeo or play day, forget quiet time in the truck, your yellow is gabbing and you may have thought about that traditional phrase, "children should be seen and NOT HEARD!"

They already think they're pretty good at everything and can often think they're better than they are.

Your Challenges with a Yellow and their Horse:

1. They'll likely talk more than listen. Your challenge will be getting them to take your riding advice or follow direction, especially in a group environment, because they have their own agenda and might be too busy gabbing and seeking the attention to take your instruction.

2. They can be manipulative, both with charm and sadness. They can be dramatic when disciplined because they are either controlling you by charm to get what they want or even sadness, and making people feel sorry for them.  This can cause all kinds of drama in the arena.

3. Since they are pretty full of themselves it is often difficult to instruct them, they have to learn the hard way many times and it can often be a long process that is difficult for a parent or instructor to be patient through.  They want your approval above all so there is light at the end of this bright yellow tunnel.

What to do with your Yellow and their Horse Journey:

1. Ride with them or get them in an environment they can do a group lesson or team event on their horse.  They're going to demand your attention as a Mom so be prepared to give them extra time watching them in the arena with your undivided attention or go on a trail ride with them.  Drill Team, team penning and events they can constantly be with people might suit them well and also give you a break from their attention demands (as long as they aren't mixed with blue or heavily red also haha).

2. Don't let them play you! Establish that you have their number.  If they start cranking up the charm to get what they want, or act sad so you'll feel sorry for them, ignore it as hard as it may be, they're likely playing you.  The biggest form of discipline for a yellow is being ALONE, so if things get really bad, you may need to cancel that horsey play day or that show they've been looking forward to, I guarantee they won't repeat their mistake!

3. Let them learn difficult lessons on their own!  They are pretty full of themselves, so let them learn if you're finding your instruction is not being taken seriously.  They seek approval above all, so be patient, they WILL come back to you once they know their way doesn't work.  They want your approval so when they do come around, make sure you show them you appreciate their decision to listen.

These kids love approval, ribbons and prizes are great to them, but take them for an ice cream after a great day of riding and they will get all four emotional  requirements met!


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