The Greens! 4 of 5 Part Personality Color Series

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Thank you for reading the 4th part of this series about the Colors of Personality and how it relates to your child and their horse!  If you haven't taken it, you can do so at

Your greens are the kids in the barn or at the rodeo that get along with everyone!  They are peaceful and easy-going and despise confrontation or conflict.  They are the ones who will often be the most obedient and respective of authority.  They are full of empathy and a great friend!  If your child is this personality type, you always feel comfortable leaving them at a lesson, know they will have great manners at friends houses and want to do exactly as they are told in regards to their horse.

Once they are in a routine with working their horse or feeding daily, it would be hard to break the habit, even though you may have to remind them a lot until they get in the habit.

Challenges with Greens and Their Horses

1. They don't like to rock the boat or be confrontational - while that is not a negative trait, these kiddos, because they are so peaceful and non-confrontational, can often lack aggressiveness with horses and their horse can more easily "get their number" because they are more about the relationship and peacefulness rather than pushing and getting resistance.

2. Cannot be over-coached and over-pressured - they do not like to be told to do something often and tend to not pay attention if there is excess instruction and can get distracted if given multi-step tasks. 

3. They can become paralyzed when faced with decision-making - they don't want to make a bad decision and are acutely aware of other people's feelings, so they will appear very wishy washy as they weigh their options.  This can be a challenge when you're in a highly tense situation on a horse.  They often "forget to ride" because they are under pressure.

Ways to Support your Greens and Their Horse Journey

1. When you notice your green's horse taking advantage of their kick back personality, present it in a way that empowers them to see the problem and find a solutions For example, say their horse starts stalling around every corner, because they know their rider won't push them.  You've told them a million times to kick before they stall.  Don't waste your breath, VIDEO THEM.  Don't say a word and let your child watch.  Ask them what they see happening that can be improved.  They will notice and come up with a solution that will likely sound something like, "I should kick or cluck before the turn!" Conversations, no matter what the issue, presented in this way, will cause your green to solve instead of retreat.

2. Give them one thing to work on at a time.  They don't do well when given a long list or when orders are given repetitively.  Remind them once.  If they keep forgetting their helmet or don't do something they were supposed to, a consequence has to be given, I guarantee they won't take long to correct the behavior.  This happened with Abby and her homework.  I knew it would crush her if I didn't come to her rescue and bring it, but I stood strong and she hasn't forgotten it since the 1st grade.  

That's the amazing thing about greens, once they do make something a habit, they are consistent and VERY reliable.

3. Greens can often become non-responsive or "paralyzed" in difficult situations or wishy washy when they are faced with even the simplest of decisions.  In horses, this can be especially dangerous if they ever get into a precarious situation with their horse.  With greens and horses, give them a simple protocol to remember.  Talk the protocol through and repeat it over and over so they can refer to it if in a difficult situation.  Every action that doesn't result in "freezing" should be complimented, they'll be likely to gain confidence in themselves for next time.  

Greens are by no means a wall flower or follower, they are an amazing, independent personality type who can often be the best at self-reflection.  I know, I have one ;).



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